View Full Version : XMMS glib Dependency issues -- please help

25th November 2006, 02:10 AM
As I try to install XMMS I get the following error:

checking for GLIB - version >= 1.2.2... no
*** The glib-config script installed by GLIB could not be found
*** If GLIB was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in
*** your path, or set the GLIB_CONFIG environment variable to the
*** full path to glib-config.
configure: error: *** GLIB >= 1.2.2 not installed - please install first ***
[kidneys@localhost xmms-1.2.10]$

Naturally -- I went to the GTK site and downloaded and installed GLIB, but to no avail the same error message.... any suggestions?

25th November 2006, 04:10 AM
Use yum to Install Xmms, it will also install all needed dependencies.

25th November 2006, 04:26 AM
If for some weird reason you want to rebuild xmms, the Fedora gtk+-devel package has the gtk build stuff.

Most other Fedora stuff uses the newer gtk2 libraries.