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19th November 2006, 05:38 PM
Hi All,

I've been using DbPowerAmp on window for a while to convert audio formats from various to AAC for my ipod nano, unfortunately it ties up my main box for hours if I'm doing a lot of converting. I wondered if theres a Linux equivelent I can run on my file server instead (FC6). I understand DbPowerAmp can run under wine in linux, but having never used wine don't really want to start in on that.

The app needs to be able to batch convert mixed formats of mp3, wma, and a couple of other odd formats to AAC (m4a) and also be able to standardise the bitrate (usually to 192), preferably without losing the media information atached to the tracks.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


19th November 2006, 06:57 PM
Maybe pacpl is the right thing for you:
Perl Audio Converter - v3.2.5

Supported formats: mp2, mp3, ogg, flac, fla, ape, shn, aac, m4a, mp4, mpc,
mpp, wv, ofr, ofs, tta, pac, lpac, kxs, aiff, au, snd,
ac3, la, bonk, raw, voc, smp, wav, wma, ra, ram,
-f --file=f Input file (can be used multiple times)
-d --dir=d Input directory (can be used multiple times)
-o --outdir=d Output directory (--dir)
-p --outfile=f Output file (--file) (single file only)
-re --recursive Recursively scan directory (use with --dir)
-pd --presdir Preserve directory structure (use with --recursive)
-ct --convertto=s Convert dir(s)/file(s)/playlist(s) to <format>
-u --uopts=s User supplied encoder options
-py --play=f Play audio file
-pl --playlist=s Convert files in playlist
-ov --overwrite Overwrite existing destination file
-th --taghelp Tag reading / writing options
-rh --riphelp CD ripping options
-vh --videohelp List of supported video codecs
-lh --longhelp Complete list of options

Usage: pacpl --<formattoformat> <option(s)> <--file/--dir> <file(s)/dir(s)>
pacpl --convertto <format> <option(s)> <--file/--dir> <file(s)/dir(s)>

19th November 2006, 09:32 PM
Hi Tinti,

Thanks for that, don't suppose theres a gui for this? With the sheer quantity of stuff I've got in my music folder avisual interface would be much prefered.



14th May 2010, 08:07 AM
Hello Folks,

Here is how I used pacpl in a script to convert all mp3's in a folder to flac...

pacpl --to flac *.mp3

In cli it's fast and clean. I did 1800+ mp3's this way.
I have another that removes that meta data also.

The New World
16th May 2010, 11:42 AM
i find soundconverter does the job for me

yum install soundconverter

18th May 2010, 02:34 AM
Hello Folks,

Wanna "race"...? lol
I don't mind using soundconverter for a few files.
I have used soundconverter but found it to slow for conversion with a "large quantity" of files. It is just too many steps, and load times to do transcoding efficiently.
Just as you use yum, as is it to using a gui for package management.

18th May 2010, 01:28 PM
audio-convert-mod that's what I use or even quicker ffmpeg, I'll post some commands when I get home (it's all command line but easy when you know how) :D
In fact I think audio-convert-mod uses ffmpeg anyway :cool:
to extract audio from a video
ffmpeg -i ~/Videos/input-file.mp4 -vn -acodec copy ~/Music/output-audio-file.m4ato convert to aac
ffmpeg -i ~/Music/input-file.mp3 -ac 2 -ar 48000 -acodec aac -ab 192k ~/Music/file-name.m4a
I don't have an ipod but I think these should work ok, oh yeah you'll need faac (for encoding) faad2 (to decode) if you don't already have them
yum install ffmpeg faac faad2