View Full Version : beryl problem on FC6 in IBM Thinkpad T30 - cannot resize windows

17th November 2006, 05:11 PM
Hi guys,

I have an issue with beryl on FC6: The title bar of the window is not rendered if window is full screen. It is just white. If I go with the mouse over the place where the buttons are supposed to be I get the tooltip of the buttons and if I click the event is proccessed. If window is not full screen the toolbar looks ok. I also cannot resize any window.

I have ATI Mobility 7500.

Any ideas?


17th November 2006, 10:43 PM
As far as resizing there's an option in beryl settings manager, scroll down and make sure it's checked you can even pick an effect for when it's resizing.
As far as the title bars when you right click the Beryl icon there should be an option to Disable GL yield that might help, might.