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16th November 2006, 05:45 AM
I need to know how to format my hardrive or how to reinstall windows on my system.. I like lynyx i like the layout and everything else but im a complete newb to linux i cant get drivers installed i cant get browser plugins to work.. It due to my lack of knowledge with linux this was my first time trying linux but right now its not for me i dont have to time to learn it now with my schedule picking back up. :( can some one help me plz

16th November 2006, 06:02 AM

I don't use XP but I have used windows 2000, but it has been three years since I really used it...But if I remember correctly you should be able to put the windows cd in, and boot from it. It should see your hard drive and offer to format it for you...Give that a try. If not you will have to get a floppy or cd with fdisk on it and use that. Go here http://www.bootdisk.com/ and you should be able to download a boot floppy from this site, and it should allow you to fdisk your hard drive. If you have a system restore disk, from the folks that built your computer, you may be able to use that...also put in the cd or dvd into the cd-dvd player and boot up...Maybe it will see your hard drive and reformat it for you. I am pretty sure that windows 2000 cd does format hard drives...even with strange linux formats on them...I have to admit I really am not sure now if it will linux formats or not...but I do remember it does format and reformat window formats for you. Just keep an eye on the first part of the install of windows, in 2000 it starts out in text mode....so pay attention and read what the windows say as the install process proceeds, and follow the instructions. Hope things go well, and come on back and visit Linux again...it's fun...and Fedora is my favorite version...though I haven't been able to get Fedora 6 working right...

take care

16th November 2006, 06:11 AM
I put in the disk and i tried to install it but it says formating then blah blah can not format ! then it re-boots and does the same thing..Could you tell me some more about these boot disk im not 100% sure about them.
And thanks for you help

16th November 2006, 07:41 AM
What version of windows are you using?

I am going to try to explain a little about the boot floppy that will have a file called fdisk.exe on it. Go to this site

and download the file that best suits you...if you are using windows xp, you can scroll down the page and there is a group of files called xpquick.exe or xpquick.zip so you may want to download that...If not I would suggest you download the windows 98 se oem disk...It is called boot98se.exe. You would need to be at a windows computer to do this I think. You then would click on the file you download and put a floppy into the flop drive...and it should make the boot disk for you. Then you need to make sure your computer is set to boot from a floppy...Put the floppy into the flop drive...and boot...it will go through a routine...when it is done it should put you on drive a:
It might have you be on a temporary drive something like g:...but let us assume it drive a:

at the a: prompt I think you type dir

it should then give you a list of files that is on the boot floppy...hit the pause key on your key board to slow down the scrolling of the screen if you can't see all of the files...look for a file called fdisk.exe

At the command prompt you type fdisk.exe

This will give you the fdisk screen...from there you can get information of how your drives are set up...instructions will tell you how to delete partitions and how to format new ones. You will may just want to have drive c: so you would tell it to format the hard drive, but I don't remember the commands right now. Then when it is done formatting you would go back to the A: prompt, remove the floppy and...put in your windows cd and reboot. I wish I could be clearer in my instructions but it has been along time since I've done this...a granny I am...and my memory is wee bit short these days...If I sat down at a computer and was going to fdisk it would come back...but I use only linux now. One other suggestion...google and see if you can find instructions for using the fdisk command. When you fdisk you will DESTROY all files on your hard drive...and you need to be careful. Go to this site and see if there are instructions to help you...http://fdisk.radified.com/ Read this page and the links on it for how to fdisk your hard drive safely...One thing when you start to format in Fdisk it will ask you if you want large file format or something like that say YES...or else is will screw things up...I hope this helps...take it slow and easy...read the above web pages for the tutorial...I've taken a closer look and it looks like it will help you go through the process...it seems to be about four web pages long.

Take care

16th November 2006, 03:38 PM
Thanks for you help im going to read it and see. And once again thanks for all your help

16th November 2006, 03:52 PM
Hi Basic,

eccentricgnat has the way of it. I think that'll do it.

However, if it doesn't, put in the first install disk for Fedora, and boot into Linux Rescue mode. Then run fdisk | fix MBR from there, and use it to blow away any and all partitions. Then Windows will install just like it should. The problem is that WIndows XP / 2000 cannot read the MBR.

Search the forum for the exact syntax, I'm still not awake yet. :p


16th November 2006, 05:08 PM
I searched and i couldnt find it.. Could someone who has done this befor or is familiar with this post how to do this?

16th November 2006, 08:44 PM
OK Basic. My trial search turned up a load of stuff... none of it very useful! I'll bet yours did too. And, yes, I have used the above method to fix a drive. (FC2 was a witch!) So, I've got a better idea! See below!

These steps will not only solve your problem, they will leave you with a nice tool in your computer collection.

First: Go to http://gparted.sourceforge.net/ and download the live CD iso image.

Second: Using another computer, burn this image into a CD (as an image, not a file.)

Third: Boot from this CD and use it to remove all partitions on your hard drive.

Fourth: Reboot out of your Windows XP install CD and install using nominal procedures.

It really is that simple, and the Gparted LiveCD is a really handy tool to have around.

Hope this helps.


16th November 2006, 09:17 PM
That should do the trick but it wont let me use my moue.. And i cant seem to fiure out how to change the format without it and seeing as it is my only mouse here i have to wait to get my other one later today or tommarow.. Thanks very much