View Full Version : OpenOffice & WebDAV Strange Behaviour!

8th November 2006, 09:54 PM
Fedora Core 6
GNOME 2.16
Nautilus 2.16.0-7
OpenOffice 2.0.4-5.3

I am seeing some very strange behaviour with OpenOffice and a connected WebDAV drive...
--- 1 ---
I connect to the drive through the "Connect to Server..." within GNOME. Everything works well, I can browse through the files and folders without problem. Trying to open an OpenOffice document off the drive is a different story... double clicking a .ods file (for example) I get an error:
Couldn't display "davs://username@URL/path/filename.ods"
--- 2 ---
If I try to open a file off the WebDAV drive from within OpenOffice I can open files ok and saving initially works correctly but after a short period of time OpenOffice refuses to save back to the WebDAV drive. It requests a password and even after entering the correct password it continues to request a password so the I'm forced to cancel, "Generic Internet Error", and save the file locally.
--- 3 ---
Then OpenOffice open file dialogue box does not work correctly when browsing through a WebDAV share. The location bar does not update so you are unable to move back in the directory structure.

Can anyone provide any assistance? If other people can confirm these problems I'll look at generating bug reports.