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14th April 2004, 07:33 PM
I downloaded six disks for the install of FC1. The installation only used the first two - i386 disk 1 and i386 disk2. At the end of installation I was asked if I wanted to install other packages from CD's so I inserted i386 disk 3 and was informed that there is no autorun on that disk - the same for the remaining 3 disks.
So what are those last four disks for?

14th April 2004, 08:09 PM
6 disks??

i only have 3, and used all in my install. odd

14th April 2004, 08:14 PM
There should be 3 disks labeled RPMS and 3 disks labeled SRPMS. The 3 RPM disks contain all the binary programs for FC1. The 3 SRPM disks contain the source RPM for FC1. Depending on what you choose to install, you might not need the third install disk.


15th April 2004, 01:41 AM
SuperNu is correct, but I'd figure I'd explain the reasoning so people understand.

The GPL requires all modifications and redistributions of licensed products to be released for free with their source code. Linux is well known to be under the GPL, and so is 90% of programs found on Fedora.

However, since they have everything compiled for you from the source code in neat rpms, they must also make the source code equally available. Hence discs 4-6, which contain the source to the programs on discs 1-3.
In short, forget discs 4-6... you wasted cd-r's and bandwidth. You're not a developer, and even if you were, you'd be better off with getting the source code from the author... The discs' sole existence is pretty much to meet license requirements.

You do however usually want to get all the binary discs, even thought you just used the first 2. Packages which aren't as common are put on disc 3, under the assumption you won't need to switch discs a second time.
But best to hold onto it... I like how Fedora actually tells you now what discs you'll need, remember RH days where you pray it didn't ask for the 3rd disc.

As to the install additonal packages, that would be if you had a disc from a 3rd party that contained software you wished to install. As a very basic example, it would be like a game or office utility. You obviously don't have any such discs, so you can just disregard that step entirely.

15th April 2004, 08:23 PM
The only thing on disc three are some programs that come with linux, but a lot of people never use. I know some are KDE, some development tools, and i think some of the server stuff is on disc three. If you arent going to use any of that stuff, dont worry about it. If you are going to, you can still install it all later from that disc in Fedora if you wish.