View Full Version : help me for flash plug-in of firefox and unrar

31st October 2006, 06:31 PM
when i installl FC5, i am using firefox for surfing the internet, but in some website they require to install the java platform for running, but after i install the plug-in, it still ask for installing it. and could any one tell me how i can uncompress for rar file...i am newbie, thanks for your help

31st October 2006, 06:35 PM
I would suggest reading over Stanton Finley's Installation Notes (http://stanton-finley.net/fedora_core_5_installation_notes.html#Flash). They will clearly answer all of the questions you just asked, its a great resource...

But a quick answer... if you are in gnome, just right click on the .rar file and click "Extract Here" or something like that. That would be the easiest way...