View Full Version : Inittab issues with nvidia drivers

31st October 2006, 01:26 PM
I'm a relative linux novice, and I need some help with this problem. I installed FC6 and the beta drivers for nVidia 9625.

When I set inittab to text mode login (3), and then start xwindows with "startx", everything runs beautifully...compiz effects work great.

When I set inittab to xwindows login (5), it still works great until the next time I cold boot. Then my nvidia card doesn't work right, and after a screen of garbage (random bits), it goes to black screen and waits for me to login.

I have to use the rescue disk to re-edit inittab back to 3 to get this fixed.

Any ideas how to diagnose and fix this?

Xorg.0.log file attached.