View Full Version : TV out on radion card

31st October 2006, 04:50 AM
I am new to the hole fedora thing. Any way i have a radeon ga-1.07m video card. It has dual monitor support and s video out. I have had no problem getting the dual monitor support to work using The display option under the system tab. But i can not get the video out to work for the card. The driver cd is for windows and is not much of a help. Any ideas would be greatly appreaciated.

31st October 2006, 05:03 AM
I have yet to see an answer to this question. It has been asked (but only a couple of times that I can recall). I have TV out on mine (ATI Radeon 7000) but I've never tried it. I thought I might try it if I ever tried watching a DVD, but otherwise I didn't think the resolution would be good enough for displaying fonts.