View Full Version : security change for rsh between FD4 and FD5

31st October 2006, 03:40 AM
I recently upgraded to FD5 from FD4, ok not really upgraded just reinstalled. And I'm wondering if something changed between FD4 and FD5 that would affect rsh. I know there was some SELinux chages I had to modify to get X displays to come back to my FD5 box(from my work).

So, I am on a hardware VPN(which is why I am still fine using rsh).

On my remote box, I have a good .rhosts file on my home area. So I can do things like "rsh remotehost ls"

However, after installing FD5, it works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't. i.e. Sometimes it takes a minute or more to reply to the command. Sometimes it times out... with the error. It doesn't matter if I am just doing a "rsh remotehost" or trying to execute something. Sometimes it works, sometime it don't. Sometimes its fast, sometimes it slow. (i.e. 90 seconds versus 1 second)

theremotehost: Connection timed out

where theremotehost is the one I am rsh'ing into.

I wouldn't really care too much, other than our CVS repository is out there.

If I boot back to my Fedora 4 version, all looks fine. Fedora 5, sometimes it fails, somtimes it works, and sometimes it happens very fast. Which seems odd.

Have an idea to check? Nothing helpful in /var/log/messages on my local box, or in /var/adm/messages on the remote box(Its a Solaris 8 box)