View Full Version : desktop-effects questions

30th October 2006, 11:07 PM
I'm trying out the new desktop-effects on FC6. so far it's kinda cool but I don't know how to configure it better for use. for example, 1. when running desktop-effects,the snap to window edges doesn't work, 2. to put a window on another desktop, I have to drag it all the way to the desktop I want, how can I easily send a window to another desktop, 3. the shade function doesn't work, it maximizes the window instead, 4. the desktop pager now only shows 1 desktop, so how can I quickly change desktops?

is there a gui configuration for the desktop effects? thanks

31st October 2006, 03:22 AM
to snap the windows press shift while dragging it

this page shows the keys, http://gentoo-wiki.com/Compiz

also press shift+F9 for raindrop effects on the desktop, pretty cool :)

edit: oh and i'v just done a yum update and the pager now shows 4 desktops, and clicking on a desktop in the pager wizz'z the cube round :)