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30th October 2006, 05:00 PM
I am finding that there are two clipboards, and that different applications handle them differently. You can highlight text and ctrl+c to copy to what I'll call clipboards 1 and 2 respectively (ctrl-x to cut as well, but posts to the same clipboard as ctrl-c). You can middle click to paste from clipboard 1 (highlighting text), ctrl-v to paste from clipboard 2 (ctrl-c (x)). Shift-insert seems to behave differently depending on the application you're using.

To see what I'm seeing, open a terminal and gedit (firefox, openoffice, or just about any other application you want to paste into will work instead o gedit if you don't have it.)

Highlight anything and ctrl-c to copy it to your clip board. Then highlight different text to copy it to the second clip board. Open your terminal and gedit, and you'll find that middle click and ctrl-v paste from clipboards 1 and 2 like you would expect. This is very nice if you have two entries on one tab you need to paste onto second tab in firefox, which I do frequently, and I enjoy having the capability. What I am finding is that shift-insert will post from clipboard 1 in the terminal, and clipboard 2 in the other applications.

I prefer to use shift-insert more often than middle clicking to paste from my clipboard 1. This is convenient for searching through a configuration file for a specific string you've found in your browser. It keeps me lazy :) I would like to keep this functionality consistant through all the applications I use, and not just in a terminal window. My goal is to minimize the number of times I need to leave my keyboard to use my mouse in the middle of a task.

As an alternative I have installed kde-base (yum install kde-base) because it comes with an application called "klipper" which takes all of your clip board entries and holds them for you to select later. This allows me to hit my shortcut keys, and use the arrow keys to select the entry I want, and it will put that entry in both clipboard 1 and 2, allowing me to shift-insert where needed. The tricky part there is that I run multiple desktops, and klipper will only run once per user, so I have to move the mouse into the desktop with klipper in order to use it the way I want to.

Anybody else have an alternative, fix, or suggestion at this point? I'd like to see if there are other options to explore.