View Full Version : Question on XGL - It works, so not install question

30th October 2006, 02:42 PM
Hello all.. I have FC6 installed, and everything working very well. Only question I had was is there any addons for XGL? I only have basic functionality and no idea how to add more (got cube and some effects)..

P.S. Kudos to the FC6 team. Works very well on my T41 laptop.

Fedora Core 6

30th October 2006, 06:10 PM
I also got it to work easily after I enabled the livna-testing repo and installed the nVidia beta driver (which supports XGL).

As cool as it is, I lost some of my favourite keystrokes to easily switch between my different (10, actually) workspaces. I previously used <alt>+x, where x was the workspace number, to switch between them, but after enabling these cool effects, these keystrokes doesn't work anymore.

Is it possible to have them working again?