View Full Version : Install extras from CD after install

Saint Mike
30th October 2006, 06:40 AM
Hi, Installed FC6 yesterday and loving compiz :)

I only had the first 2 Cd's so did a basic install to set stuff up while i downloaded the other CD's. Now im trying to install more stuff of em, I tried "Add/remove Software" in the applications menu but it keeps trying to download stuff and just ends up sitting there :S

Is there a nice GUI somewhere that groups them all up so i dont have to search through each CD to find what i want :)

30th October 2006, 06:53 AM
There is a how-to here regarding how to create a Yum repo from your iso images that will accomplish what you want to do.
It may be a little awkward, but apparently it works.
I have not tried it myself.

Saint Mike
30th October 2006, 07:31 AM
Thx Seve was just looking into using yum for it coudnt come up with search term that gave any relevent results though :)

Do you think i could get this to work with Cd's insted of the DVD? rekon i can just add many baseur;'s :S could i somehow link this to the cd's insted of mounted iso images, im guessing not

30th October 2006, 07:43 AM
There is a how-to at the bottom of the page regarding cd's
As I mentioned earlier I have not tried it myself, however I know that other folks have and it seemed to work for them.
The up-side is you will never learn younger :)


Saint Mike
31st October 2006, 04:27 AM
Thx i should have kept reading, i got to jigdo and its FC5 templates and thought tahts what its all about and there would prolly be a lack of a FC6 template, n/m though

seems to be working now, thx :)