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30th October 2006, 12:09 AM
Hey overall I have been quite impressed with this release of fedora (6). But I have a few questions.(Maybe I should complain and gripe to get my questions answered).
Hey, I have a asus a8v, with an amd x2, gf4 mx400 graphics, 1gb of ram.
1) When I run yumex I get extremely high cpu usuage as in 98% from python, when ever it is in use.
2) somewhat graphical applications have extremely high cpu usuage about 100% of one of my cpus towards them, and 80% of my other cpu with the process X.
when running the simple game pinball "from extras", and i am not even playing
99% to pinball
80% to xorg
This problem takes place in graphical screensavers such as rss ones(not the ones from xscreensaver) , some games,etc.
3)When desktop effects enabled the preview screensaver doesnt work.

not related to fedora but, so, does the x2 not support invidual cpu scaling?, and how come I can only scale the cpu 1 1.8 and 2 ghz, as on a core duo you can do both cpus?