View Full Version : any decent GNOME/X11 documentation around?

29th October 2006, 01:16 AM
warning: rant coming...

GNOME looks great, but it is still a bit flakey.
Is there any documentation around to help me understand how this stuff really
works underneath. When Sun put CDE on the desktop they put together a
document that explained very carefully how the start up process goes and
where all the files come from. This would be nice for GNOME.

Example: I'd like to set an environment variable (MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO) to
be effective for my desktop. My current hack is to put this into
/etc/xinit/xinitrc-common. (This is an X hack. Should this stuff go into
the xinputrc.d/localuser.sh file?)

Example: I edited my main panel menu. I wanted to move the pirut application
around but poof -- it disappeared. Now I have looked long and hard through
the filesystem to try to find the icon/etc for pirut but can't find it. (I went into
/usr/share and did find gnome* -type f -exec grep pirut {} \; -print. Nothing
turned up...)

29th October 2006, 02:11 AM
I completley agree with your comment on Gnome documentation. The ideas behind Gnome are great. The implementation is very good; like any work-in-progress it has a few problem issues. The documentation is ..... weak as tea made in a monsoon. Their websites for various packages have nice glossy/pretty front-ends but little or no technical content outside of the forums.

Yelp is a nice method, but the content is for newbies only. We need somehthing deeper.

To install a pirut icon on panel, you can select Applications->add/remove software and right-click and select "add to panel". I don't know about your MOZ_... parameter to your Gnome environment.