View Full Version : deleted my FC4 boot files

29th October 2006, 12:13 AM
I installed Fedora core 6 i386 last night on a 64 bit processor machine, the install went well and very fast. I'm impressed, seems to boot up faster than the previous version too. However I can no longer boot into Fedora 4.
I had installed FC4 on partitions hda8 & 9, FC5 on partitions hda6 & 7, FC5 x86_64 on partitions hdb9 & 10, and FC6 on hdb7 & 8. I have a boot partition hda10 and FC4's boot files must have been in hda10 which I formatted and installed FC6's boot loader on top of. I do not use FC4 any more but would like to fix it for the experience. If I use the FC4 #1 install disk and use the linux rescue option can I replace the boot files in hda10 without deleting FC6's boot files or could I put them in hda8 FC4's "/" partition and update FC6's grub menu.lst to look for the there?
Thanks in advance Terry