View Full Version : DVD playback is ver yslow

Mark Ferguson
28th October 2006, 09:00 PM
I've installed the latest versions of Mplayer and Xine into FC6 but both cannot playback DVDs at the correct speed. I've looked at the hdparm for the device /dev/hdc. It was set with DMA=0. I set the DMA=1 but it had little effect and I've tried it with desktop effect enabled and disabled. I've tried Xine with different video drivers but they all show the same behavior, the DVD start to play ok then buffers overflow and frames are dropped and the whole thing is unusable. Help!


Mark Ferguson
29th October 2006, 01:44 PM
Looks like this is a hardware problem. I had two DVD drives and I disconnected the other device. Before disconnecting I was getting figures from hdparm -t ranging from about 200K/s down to 70K/s. After, it went up to over 3M/s! Strangely enough, after a reboot, hdparm started reporting error from the drive:
read(2097152) returned 1179648 bytes
Timing buffered disk reads: read() failed: Input/output error
BLKFLSBUF failed: Function not implemented

but the DVD playback is perfect. I'd love to know the reasons but I'll live in ignorance as long as the DVDs keep playing!