View Full Version : FC6 Desktop Effects and DVD playback

28th October 2006, 05:59 AM
This is interesting...

When I have the desktop effects off, my DVD movies play terrific. But when I turn desktop effects on and play a DVD movie, I get this visible matrix of dots over the movie. The best I can describe it is like watching the movie while wearing panty hose over your face. LOL!

Not a big deal. Just wondering what is causing it...

28th October 2006, 12:14 PM
Hmmm.... You should be happy with what you've got there. To date I've not been able to pop a DVD movie in my computer and watch it at all.

When I did my install I didn't install any of the media players on purpose so that I could only install the stuff from Livna. I use totem and xine. Plus, I've installed all the media codecs I can lay my hands on. Both of them work really well for playing all the stuff that I've downloaded. However, I've never been able to stick one of my DVD's into the computer and play the movie that's on it.

By the way, Do you make a habit of watching movies with panty hose over your face???

I'm indeed very pleased with what I've got. I figured that I should make mention of it in case someone else is experiencing this. Just to let people know how to stop it and to seek advice in case someone knows what it's about.

What happens when you try to watch a DVD? Is the disc recognized? Is the video choppy from dropped frames?

I reserve wearing pantyhose on my face for robbing banks only. :p