View Full Version : Not Shutting Down

27th October 2006, 08:56 PM
I installed Fedora Core 6 and everything is working fine except for one thing. It does not shutdown.

I'll go to System/Shut Down and it goes through the shut down process and then it hangs where is says System Halted. It does not turn off. ACPI is enabled and I even tried init 0 and it still does not shut down.

I didn't have this problem on FC5 or any other linux distro.

Can anybody help or give me advice.

8th November 2006, 08:06 AM
My Negative Side: "Naw, acpi=force will not work"

My Positive Side: "Well, you've been through this forum so many times already. What harm is it gonna do if you try it"

My Negative Side: "It won't work!"

My Postive Side: "I'll try it anyway. Let me see now. Edit my grub.conf and add acpi=force at the end of the kernel line, save and exit, reboot. login, shutdown. Well what do you know. It worked. :)

My Negative Side: No comment.