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27th October 2006, 01:32 PM
I'm fairly new at Fedora Core, but have been using FC5 for a couple of months, without any real problems. I just downloaded and installed FC6 (well, installed it 3 times, so far). I did a fresh install, including KDE and GNOME packages. I use KDE for my desktop.

After installing and performing updates, I installed SMART, as I'm familiar with using it, due to previously using SUSE Linux. I added channels for Livna, kde-redhat-stable and rpm forge....all for FC6. My initial SMART install automatically included Development and Extras Development Channels, which scared me a bit, as I realize they are probably not stable yet.

After updating channels, I ended up with a ton of available updates. I carefully tried to update some, but eventually hit a bad one. I received an error, when FC6 reached the KDE Desktop screen, indicating that the "Welcome" screen was unavailable, or something to that effect. I did another reinstall of FC6 and fixed that.

I'm back now where I have not updated many of the packages shown in SMART. In fact, many of the KDE packages shown in SMART will not install, due to other packages missing. I'm guessing that perhaps they have not yet been updated and added.

My real question at the moment is what happened to several of the packages which were automatically installed in FC5? For example, I no longer have KPackage, which I liked and used often. The AisleRiot game is no longer found. Konsole is missing...don't have that.

I also notice that in digiKam, I have the same version installed as I have in my SUSE 10.1 install, yet, my HP PhotoSmart E317 camera, which is listed in the SUSE digiKam is not shown in the same version installed in FC6.

Like I say, I'm fairly new to Linux and even newer to FC, but I'm quite perplexed with the missing stuff in FC6 which was right there with FC5.

Could anyone offer me some explanations or advice? Maybe I'm being too impatient with FC6, since it's new and if so, I'll wait for the missing packages to appear. But, I just wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or if it's just because FC6 has just been released.

Any help would be appreciated.


27th October 2006, 06:01 PM
Well, I just had some more updates and now KPackage is back on my FC6. Maybe some of the other missing packages will mysteriously reappear. I've managed most of the development updates without trashing the install, so that's promising.