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27th October 2006, 12:19 AM
I am a little mad. I just discovered that one of my favorite games no longer works. I just recently upgraded to Fedora Core 6. I have tried running it from gnome and from a terminal. In a terminal a new prompt line appears just as if I had typed nothing and hit enter. From the games menu if I click FooBillard, I can just make out that the entire monitor flashes and then nothing.

27th October 2006, 12:49 AM
I just discovered that Konqueror does the exact same thing as FooBillard. Thank God Firefox works just fine or I would be stuck with no internet. I just had a thought, maybe I should try every program on my system just to find out what no longer works.

27th October 2006, 01:03 AM
I am monitoring the progress of fc6 for a week or 2 before I install, so I am curious. Was this a yum upgrade a CD/DVD upgrade or a fresh install (which many people seem to refer to as an upgrade)?
I'd also be interested in anything else you find that doesn't work.

27th October 2006, 01:54 AM
usage: foobillard [--option [<arg>]]
--player1 <arg>
arg=ai|human set player1 ai/human
--player2 <arg>
arg=ai|human set player2 ai/human
--p1 <arg>
arg=ai|human set player1 ai/human
--p2 <arg>
arg=ai|human set player2 ai/human
--name1 <arg>
set name of player1
--name2 <arg>
set name of player2
8ball pool game
9ball pool game
carambol billard game
snooker billard game
--tablecolor <arg>
table color in C-style hex notation <0xrrggbb>
--edgecolor <arg>
edge color in C-style hex notation <0xrrggbb>
--framecolor <arg>
frame color in C-style hex notation <0xrrggbb>
blue table with chrome edges
green table with gold edges
red table with gold edges
balck table with white frame
beige table with balck metal
--tablesize <arg>
table size (length) in foot (default=7.0)
turn on lensfare
turn off lensfare
use positional light
use directional light
--ai1err <arg>
to err is artificial (player1 error 0..1)
--ai2err <arg>
to err is artificial (player2 error 0..1)
--balldetail <arg>
set ball detail l[ow] m[edium] h[igh] or v[eryhigh]
start in stereo mode (red-green(cyan))
--rgaim <arg>
arg=left|right|middle for aiming eye position
--hostaddr <arg>
arg=IP-address for TCP/IP connection
--portnum <arg>
arg=port# for TCP/IP connection
--geometry <arg>
<width>x<height> window geometry
play in fullscreen mode
--freemove <arg>
arg=on|off free move in external view mode
--cuberef <arg>
arg=on|off rendered cubemep reflections
--cuberes <arg>
arg=<texture size for cuberef> (must be power of 2)
--bumpref <arg>
arg=on|off bumpmap reflections of edges
--bumpwood <arg>
arg=on|off bumpmap of wood covers
--balltraces <arg>
arg=on|off trace lines of balls
--gamemode <arg>
--fresnel <arg>
arg=on|off fresnel ball reflections
--avatar <arg>
arg=on|off enable/disable avatar
--tourfast <arg>
arg=1.0..10.0 AI fast motion ratio for tournament
--clothtex <arg>
arg=on|off for table detail map
this help
the color <0xrrggbb> means one byte for each red, green, blue

libGL warning: 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x4b
human player 1
human player 2
Well FooBillard did something and this is the result of running it in a terminal the third or fourth time

Anyway I did a full install--by that I mean I formatted the hard drive and installed from the DVD.

27th October 2006, 07:28 AM
I got the same error with foobillard and I did an upgrade.
I found more recent posts on other forums with a simular problem. So I suspect the video driver.

After installing the nvidia-x11-drv the 'libGL warning: 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x4b' message disappears.

I hope foobillard wil word again when I restart my pc.

The last line with the glyph has got something to do with the freetype fonts. And foobillard stops after that line.

27th October 2006, 05:29 PM
The last line has got to do with the freetype2.


Somehow downgrading freetype to freetype2-2.1.10 will fix this.

Download the four freetype rpms from: (foobillard worked in fc5 ...) to the same dir http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/5/i386/os/Fedora/RPMS/

rpm -Uhv freetype*.rpm --force

(and the freshmeat lvidia rpm's don't work...try http://forums.fedoraforum.org/forum/showthread.php?t=99285&highlight=nvidia)

28th October 2006, 03:40 AM
Neither Konqueror nor FooBillard works here (new install of FC6).

29th October 2006, 07:01 AM
Konqueror runs perfect on my fc6 box, it starts almost immediately.

Foobillard runs with after downgrading freetype. It seems that the freetype bug is already fixed in freetype cvs, so I expect an update for freetype very soon.
However I experience a flaw with foobillard, the collored balls turn white after potting them. I think this will be fixed with updates.

29th October 2006, 07:57 AM
Restoring the old xorg.conf from before the nvidia install brings back the colors. The nivia driver didn't load correctly when I rebooted, so the glx was lost !
It think the glx message of foobillard is simply a warning an can be ignored.

8th December 2006, 11:49 PM
if anyone is curious. After six weeks of updates to my system, foobillard now works better than it ever did with fedora core 4 or 5. I can actually see the billard balls moving after I hit them.

9th December 2006, 02:08 AM
To play 3d games you need a 3d card with at least 32 mb memory.

It is a good idea to check if the graphics card is linux compatible, more and more of the manufacturers of the video cards are actuallly shipping linux drivers with their newest cards.

9th December 2006, 06:52 PM
Actually that is no problem with my video card, because it is a ATI Radeon 9660 with 256MB of ram onboard. My video card is about a year and a half old. I guess that somebody somewhere has produced a linux video driver that is appropriate for my video card. I didn't do anything but update my computer a few times with PUP.

9th December 2006, 07:04 PM
The best drivers for the new radion cards are at http://ati.amd.com/support/drivers/linux/linux-radeon.html

I am not sure if these are already integrated in fc6