View Full Version : What's up with all the 32 bit packages

25th October 2006, 08:14 PM
Going through the packages installed on my x86_64 system, I found a ton of pacakges that where 32 bit. Not just libraries, but devel packages and pacakges for end-user programs like gaim or firefox -- what gives?

Before removing all of them I had problems with X not responding to mouse clicks or keyboard input- It now appears to be fixed.

25th October 2006, 09:21 PM
Ok, scratch that thing with dropping X being non-responsive. It's lessened, but definetly not gone. I had similar problems with FC5 x86_64, which was the reason why I dropped x86_64 in FC5.

Anyways, having 32 bit packages on FC6 seems to be impossible. I removed the 32 bit packages all together and checked what files where missing after I did. I'm sorry to say that 95 unique packages had problems with files missing.

Trying to reinstall them with (with the arch specified) yum only tried to get 136 32 bit packages -- and not one of the packages I requested. We need some sort of reinstall function for yum, or fix function -- like yum --fixpackages, that would try to resolve all problems with the qurrently installed packages.

*SIGH* I like FC, and Yum is perhaps the best install tool available (for any os), but I really really need a fix or reinstall function.