View Full Version : how to give user permission for kppp in fc5?

25th October 2006, 01:36 AM
i am runing fc5 when start kppp asking for the root password, i want users to use them without prompting for the root password, how i can do it?

25th October 2006, 01:45 AM
Well, if it's just for yourself and you don't want to be flinging the root password around like nobodies business, there's always the venerable sudo option. That allows you to run superuser programs using your own password rather than the root password.

If you have other users on your system and you (understandably) don't want to elevate them to the status of gods you can stipulate that the only command they are permitted to run via sudo is kppp. It's all explained on the man pages.

Alternatively (and I may get slapped for this) you could create a special group for kppp, admit your users to it and grant them execute permissions for kppp.

Remember too that there's a reason why kppp is a privileged application.


25th October 2006, 02:10 AM
thankd for reply, in recent versions of fedora it was possible to give user permission to the kppp in the /etc/pam.d /kppp but in fc5 it is some thing changed, i want to change the configuraion if there is any for the kppp?