View Full Version : FC6 T3 is pretty nice.

Dubious Dave
15th October 2006, 03:36 AM
I just installed FC6 T3. Man what a big difference from FC5. Boot time is shorter to login and shorter to the usable desktop. The look is also very nice. Actually its quite impressive. The new yum is so much faster then the one in FC5. Other things seem to be faster too. All in all I think think FC6 is a full step up from FC5 and a must have for Fedora fans.

Installation at this point is fraught with bugs that hopefully will disapear at full release. During setup I couldn't select the extras repository or modify install selections without crashing and restarting the install. I ended up just using the default install which gave me alot of stuff I didn't want. After the first boot I made it to the desktop with no problem. After that I should have immediately performed a yum -y update, but I didn't. Instead I tried to select my monitor, because it wasn't detected and increase resolution. All I ended up with was a black screen. Yup couldn't see a thing. My xorg.conf file was messed up. I had to reboot, login to text (tty 1?) because xwindows wouldn't start. Then using vi manually add the missing "Display" subsection. Then I did a full update and got xwindows back. After that I just modifed a fews things. I think I'll wait for Stanton Finley to complete his FC6 install guide and finsh up then.

Still though I encourage everyone to install now. If I can do it anyone can.