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Jeff Sadowski
12th October 2006, 10:34 PM
OK I have a computer that I would like to start using. Right now it has only one harddrive.
I plan on installing a second and raiding the root partition across both. the current hard drive is easily twice as big as I need it into the distant future even. So what I have done is as follows. I have a 250 Gig harddrive for now I have it settup as follows partition one is the /boot partition (actually /boot/efi because it is on an Itanium) partitions 2 and 3 are linux raid partitions both 100 Gig. I raided them together as raid one. I know that the disk is a single point of failer but I figured this is the easiest way to keep the upgrade procedure simple. partition 4 is swap and
partition 5 is an extra partition that I installed to for now. in order to setup these other partitions.

I created a Logical Volume Group on top of the raided partition being that this is an easy way to expand.

How I plan to upgrade is as follows.

When I get my new disk /dev/sdb

I will give it a similar look to /dev/sda

Minor Start End Filesystem Name Flags
1 0.017 500.000 fat16 boot
2 500.000 102900.000 raid
3 102900.000 205300.000 raid
4 205300.000 221684.000 linux-swap
5 221684.000 238475.163 ext3

then I plan on removing /dev/sda3 form the raid group and adding /dev/sdb2
then I plan on creating a second raid group /dev/md1 the contains /dev/sda3 and /dev/sdb3 and adding them to my Volume group and expanding my logical volume.

I just want to know if there is a more recommended way?

Notes on my install process the text only install did not allow creating of Logical volumes
I had to use text only because there was no graphics card.
After installing on /dev/sda5 and setting up the above sittuation I had to use tunefs to change the volume label of /dev/sda5 so as not to interfer with the volume label on the volume group.