View Full Version : getting rid of LVM -- will this work w/o problems

3rd October 2006, 12:28 AM
Yeah .. LVM is useless to me, I only used it originally as a work around to some strange problems i had when i originally installed Fedora 4 when it came out
anyway .. im thinking the problems are definately fixed by now .. and i want to get rid of LVM
here's what i was going to do is:
i got my external drive with plenty of storage and i believe ext2 fs .. cus i didn't see a need for ext3 on external drive
umm, i was going to do
dd if=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 of=/media/disk/resierfs-root.img
where disk is my ext2 external drive and LogVol00 is my reiserfs root currently in use .. yes ill be ridding of reiser and going back to ext3 w/ fc6 .. but just wanted to try it ..
then i would repartition my /dev/sda
not messing with my boot sda1 or windows sda2 .. but id setup sda3 as linux reiserfs and sda4/5, ... extended volume
then do
dd if=/media/reiserfs-root.img of=/dev/sda3
change grub
remake swap and change fstab
and .. i thinks thats it

anyone see a flaw with this? am i missing something ? or a seggestion ? foreseeable problems? thanks.