View Full Version : How to mount my CD/DVD drives

1st October 2006, 02:31 AM
I have FC-5 and use KDE. My D drive I think is /dev/hdc and my E drive I think is /dev/hdd.

In Windows if I want to see the files on a CD/DVD I just go into Explorer or MY Computer and look. I just put the disk in the drive and look.

Can anything like that be done in Linux?



1st October 2006, 02:40 AM
The KDE Daemon I think is on by default. When you insert a CD/DVD there should be a dialog box that pops up. Choose "Open in New Window". You should then be able to browse the DVD/CD.

The DVD/CD will mounted under /media and the volume name of that DVD/CD. eg if the DVD/CD is called royeo, it will be under /media/royeo.

If that does not happen you have to do a bit more work. Open a console:

1. su -
2. Enter root password
3. mkdir /media/dvd-d
4. mkdir /media/dvd-e

If you put it in hdc
# mount /dev/hdc /media/dvd-d

If you put it in hdd
# mount /dev/hdd /media/dvd-e

You can of course have dvd-d and dvd-e as any names you want. I chose those so as to make you know which is which.