View Full Version : novell certs ?

16th September 2006, 07:12 PM
i want to be cne certified. how good are certmagic preps for novell exams ?.
i have heared they r very close to real exams .
any comments ?

16th September 2006, 08:43 PM
Don't waste your time with Novell CNA, CNE as most shops no longer use Novell NetWare software. They have migrated to Microsoft s/w.
I have a Novell cert.

16th September 2006, 09:24 PM
I agree with Hizzoner, I wouldn't bother with Novell certs anymore these days. Who is using Novell still?

Focus on MS certs of Linux certs. They will be much more valuable.

16th September 2006, 09:28 PM
Yeah, unless your employer wants you to get CNE, there's no point. Even Novell is no longer pushing Netware... they promote their Linux products now. For example, if you buy their OES server, you get both a netware and linux kernel... this is explicitly meant to help ease the transition from Netware to Linux.

If you want a Linux cert, you can do CompTIA Linux+ or an LPI test for a generic cert... of RHCE or RHCT for the RedHat centered ones. I know Novell has a couple Linux certifications now, but I'm not offhand familiar with them.