View Full Version : Ktorrent status cycles thru stalled & downloading

16th September 2006, 07:07 AM
I am trying to download files using Ktorrent, but the problem is the status keeps changing continiously from Stalled to downloading and back and forth. Under windows (Utorrent) i use to download up to 600 KB/s ... what i did was i also did the port forwarding to make sure that speed is as high as possible and i have set the port under setting.

there is also DHT:off which i thought by setting it to on, something might change but there was no effect.. all i am getting is 1 kb/s or max to 5 ...

i am completly new to Ktorrent and its been a month i just got rid of my windows and working on linux purly (Fedora 5). any idea how to fix this? or should i change the client to some other ones in the hops that it will work?

Version: Ktorrent 2.0.2 (Using KDE 3.5.4-0.1.fc5 Fedora-Core)

PS. Could it be the Fedora firewall ? i noticed that the number of peers are also very low... i use to get anywhere from 30 to 200 peers on a single file (under winxp) but here on 3 diffrent files i am getting on avrege 10 peers or less.... Question Exclamation

here is my setting:

Maximum download: 0
Maximum Seed: 0
Maximum connection per torrent: 120
Global Connection limit:800
Maximum upload rate: 0
Maximum download rate: 0
port: 32459
UDP tracker port : 4444
number of upload slot: 4