View Full Version : cups-1.2.3-1.6 update messes up cupsd.conf

15th September 2006, 05:01 AM
Is anyone else having a problem where the new cups 1.2.3-1.6 update
fails to restart the cupsd because the cupsd.conf file is 0 bytes.
Somehow my cupsd.conf file got wiped out in the update.
The same thing happened on two machines.

it's easy to fixup, I just copied cupsd.conf.default to cupsd.conf
and restarted cups then tweaked anything I changed that
the default one doesn't have.

update 2:
I've found out it seems the problem was due to my using the admin page
to change my basic server settings to allow

Show printers shared by other systems
Share published printers connected to this system
Allow remote administration
Allow users to cancel any job (not just their own)

Upon saving the changes, cupsd would not restart and
then I noticed the new cupsd.conf file I made from the
default copy was then 0 bytes again. So apparently cups
isn't able to write the changes to the cupsd.conf file
from the admin page...