View Full Version : FC5 Debug packages / compiling with debugging

13th September 2006, 02:39 AM

I'm not terribly experienced with FC5's package management. I have a complex, agonizing problem with my graphics drivers which is a problem with X.org and/or the integrated i810 graphics drivers. I'm running FC5 under x86-64.

The symptom of this problem is that when I attempt to play 1920 x 1080 video using XVideo, the player segfaults. The same clip works fine with X11 video output. But obviously, the acceleration of XVideo output is useful, and in fact, required for smooth playback of some clips. 1280 x 720 video works fine, however. All the settings are right for HD playback and the graphics chip should support it, yet it still fails with 1080i and XVideo.

After posts on the X.org list, it boils down to that I need to run tests using gdb with X.org and VLC compiled with debug options in order to shed more light on these problems. But what's the cleanest way to do this under FC5?

Can somebody instruct me as clearly as possible? I would rather not try to hand compile X.org and VLC all from scratch...

14th September 2006, 04:31 AM
Install the relevent *-debuginfo package. The debugging symbols are stripped and packaged separately, if available. So install vlc-debuginfo, etc.