View Full Version : Resetting permissions on nvidia crashing apps

9th September 2006, 01:06 PM
Hey Hey, I use a nvidia 6600 card and after fiddling with it for a while wondering why it couldn't play 3d games to speed, I realised from a Readme from nvidia that the permissions used to access my card are insufficient. In order to run glxgears and other apps, I have to run this set of codes everytime I restart my com

$cd /dev
$chown root nvidia0 && chmod 0666 nvidia0
$chown root nvidia1 && chmod 0666 nvidia1
$chown root nvidia2 && chmod 0666 nvidia2
$chown root nvidia3 && chmod 0666 nvidia3
$chown root nvidiactl && chmod 0666 nvidiactl
Then I get sweet OpenGL. But apparently these files get reset to readonly when the com restarts, and if I run any application without running through the above commands, they will crash. This is probably a security thing, but is there a way to set the permissions permanently so that I don't do the drill everyday? Thanks in advance. :D