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9th September 2006, 03:34 AM
Hi all,
I'm having a problem with alsa sound. This is what I get when trying to play audio:
alsa-init: using device default
alsa-lib: pcm_direct.c:1632:(snd_pcm_direct_parse_open_conf) Unknown field ipc_sem
alsa-init: playback open error: Invalid argument

Other sound drivers are working fine. It looks like the problem began after updating the driver to the latest version:
Sep 03 11:00:08 Updated: libasound2.i386 1.0.12-31.fc5.at
Sep 03 11:00:22 Updated: alsa-lib.i386 1.0.12-31.fc5.at
Sep 03 11:00:40 Updated: alsa-lib-devel.i386 1.0.12-31.fc5.at

I'm running Fedora Core 5.

Thanks for any help,

9th September 2006, 04:58 AM
Could it be atrpms? There are warnings (http://stanton-finley.net/fedora_core_5_installation_notes.html#Warning) about incompatible repos.
Atrpms should be disabled and only enabled when you need to install/update one of their packages specifically.

9th September 2006, 08:40 AM
have you updated your system to the most recent packages? I know the initial install of FC 5 - gave my soundcard a heart attack. But with the updates that have been released over time, those issues have been resolved.

9th September 2006, 09:33 AM
You're right. I disabled atrpms and reinstalled the alsa-lib from "updates" and the sound is working fine now.
I didn't realise some repositories are incompatible with others. This doesn't look good, but anyway, have to live with this.

Thanks for that, mate!