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6th September 2006, 06:03 PM
I have scripts that renders and prints round CD/DVD labels from the contents of a text file. Now obviously the printing has to occur at precise locations so the labels look ok.

I've used these scripts for several years, and I had them perfectly aligned under Red Hat 9.

I tried printing from them under Fedora Core 5. The alignment was way off. No biggie, I thought, I opened system-config-printer, altered some settings, and altered some settings in the script. I spent an hour or two trying to get it right, finally I did.

The next day, I went to print another label, and the calibration was way off! I opened system-config-printer, and my changes were still there. My script changes were also. I didn't want to waste another couple of hours, so I booted into RH9 and printed from there. I also looked at the settings in the RH9 equivalent of system-config-printer and copied them to FC5. It still came out off center, though not as bad.

Now I don't mind going through a calibration excercise once, but I'm disturbed that the system seemed to ignore my settings on the next reboot. Anybody know why that might happen?

Also, are there any tools to make printer calibration less painful? For instance, under Windows, there are often tools that'll print an X/Y matrix, with instructions to fold the paper and enter the number that corresponds to where the crease is. This is much much easier than what I have to do in Linux currently (print my label on a blank sheet, compare the position to where the label sits, adjust, repeat )

By the way, if it matters, this is an Epson photo 825 using the Gimp Print driver under cups.

4th November 2006, 05:43 AM
I went and tried to do it again, and I'm seeing the same behavior. What might be aligned one printer is completely misaligned on the next print.

I can't believe no one else seems to have this problem.