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6th September 2006, 01:17 PM
I've been trying some time to get this to work, after a lot of time spent on google, i finally came to the conclusion that the extras packages for FC4 will not work with FC4 due to ioncube and eaccelerator bug which is fixed in later versions.

Given that i decided to try the FC5 RPM ( which will work with ioncube ) so i installed libtool, rpm-build and rebuilt the fc5 extras RPM.

The problem i have now is the rpm wont install due to a php-api dependancy :((

php-api = 20031224 is needed by php-eaccelerator-5.0.4_0.9.5-0.3.rc1.i386 ( this is my rebuilt rpm from php-eaccelerator-5.1.4_0.9.5-0.3.rc1.fc5.src.rpm

This is to installed on a webserver that i have root access to but unable to upgrade the distro :eek: due to the way the server is setup, is there anyway i can work around this ( without installing from source )