View Full Version : macromedia flash player will not run

6th September 2006, 10:02 AM
i have ran into this problem all day today until i googled just the right words.you setup and install flash player with the shell script and set it to the correct directory (example: /usr/lib/firefox-, but the flash player gives you a error message in the command prompt: shared file such and such "permission denied".try this: go to
/etc/selinux directory and edit this file:(/etc/selinux/config )with "vi" in the command line.change the security to "permissive" then save it with "shift :".reboot your computer and try to test your flash player again.it should work now,hope this helps someone.

some problems of the same nature might occur with ntfs or samba file sharing, due to advanced security measure in fc5 (selinux). :)