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5th September 2006, 07:10 PM
halo... i did installed a program called iproute2 into my fedora. Below are the compilation and installation step:

1. Compile the utilities by typing make

2. Check /etc/iproute2/ with ls -l /etc/iproute2

3. If needed create /etc/iproute2/ with

mkdir /etc/iproute2/

4. Populate it with cp ./etc/iproute2/* /etc/iproute2/

5. Change into the ip directory with cd ip

6. cp ifcfg ip routef routel rtacct rtmon rtpr /sbin

7. Change into tc directory with cd ../tc

8. cp tc /sbin

( The above steps are refer to this link)

Link to download:

May I know if i want to uninstall it, is it i have to type:
1) make distclean
2) make uninstall

Am i correct ???
Please drop your messages here if you have any ideas. Thanks !!