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29th August 2006, 12:45 AM
I have FC-5 and use KDE. I have a directory named New Music full of ogg song files. I use Rhythmbox strictly because it lists and plays those songs by album as well as singly, (it's very intuitive). I don't know if it can create or use playlists.

I have Xmms, Xine and Videolanclient also but I don't know how to use them. Do they even have the capability to play albums or CDs? They mention playlists a lot but I don't how to create them. What I need is a mentor since Help is poor in Linux.



29th August 2006, 01:04 AM
Not sure about videlan as I don't use it.

xmms is actually a really nice little app with lots of features. In true FC style most of those features come disabled due to copyright issues. I have my albums, that I purchased legaly, ripped into flac encoding so I needed to install the plugin for xmms. Assuming you have Livna enabled, yum install xmms-flac and for good measure yum install xmms-mp3 and that should cover that. Do a search for xmms in yum and see what's out there, there's a lot.

Playlists in xmms are easy as well. In the Playlist window hit the "List" button and choose "New". Then add songs you want to this playinst by hitting "Add". Save this playlist by hitting "List" and choosing "save". Also xmms understands the m3u playlist format so if you have any m3u lists around it'll load it.

Simple :)

I like Amarok *but* flac support on the last version I tried was hosed so xmms is a beter option for me.