View Full Version : Install KDE fails, causes issues with gnome.

27th August 2006, 06:30 PM
So I thought I'd try KDE, I installed it using the kde.repo per instructions here: http://kde-redhat.sourceforge.net/

I restarted the machine and noticed my login screen was different. I tried to login to kde, but it says the kdeinit process can't be started. It then proceeds through the initialization but when it finishes, stops at a blue screen. I have to drop to terminal and issue a reboot command.

I logged into gnome and attempted to change my login screen. It asked me for the password which I gave it, but then it didn't bring up the manager. Nothing happens.
When I try to run gdmsetup from cli, I get the error: Failed to connect to socket, sleep 1 second and retry. It does that 5 times then says it can't access teh gdm configuration file.

Any thoughts on fixing this issue?

27th August 2006, 07:21 PM
I've somewhat figured out the problem, because I have on idea how to fix it. If I run gdm and try to have it restart on display :0 it fails to restart, however if I let it start on a new console, it starts, and I can then run gdmsetup, but choosing a theme there doesn't help since it doesn't run properly on system startup. Installing KDE must have somehow stopped gdm from starting when my system boots up, question is, how do I fix that?