View Full Version : Black screen after kernel upgrade

23rd August 2006, 09:56 PM
hi, I am still new to the forum. I have really wield problem. I run a update this morning on my fedora core 3, and it update and installed fine. however, when I reboot, it does not have and video output signal. At first, I though it may be a graphic card driver issue, so I updated the driver through yum. But it did not solve the problem. And it has nothing to do with the monitor because I tried with several monitors. My question is what may went wrong after I installed the newest kernel for Fedora 3, and how I can solve it. The computer is Dell 1850, and monitor is Dell p1110. Thanks for any reply in advance. :)

I forgot to mension, the computer start fine, and I can remote control the computer through VNC, however, it does not have any video signal output. :confused: