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20th August 2006, 07:38 AM
Processor: AMD Athlon2800 x64
Motherboard: ASUS k8V
Memory :256 MB DDR
Hard disk: 80GB Samsung
Other OS :Windows Xp on partition: D
Graphic Card: SIS Xabre 310


I am new user to Linux even though I have used and administered Windows for quite some time.
I am trying to Install FC5 x64 on my machine. The media boots properly and the it all goes well until the packages start to get installed and then the install process gets stopped
I think the root cause of the problem is the graphic card..I have attempted to install it in text mode as well and it still gives the same out come.
I tried installing FC4 (a local variety, bundled with a magzine) and it too only gets installed in text mode but it does get installed but only on text mode and the there is no GUI only text based and its asking for localhost buit I have not made any users nor does the SU or admn account works.
I would need some way out of this to find out whats wrong.

Please help since I would like to migrate from WIN Xp to Linux if possible FC 5x64(better comactiblity with MB) :confused:

Please help

20th August 2006, 10:41 AM
I saw this issue a few months ago with an Asus A8V that had an EIDE cable on the CD-ROM (which is an IDE drive). Once this was fixed, installation went normally. The IDE cable has minutely thicker wires in the ribbon than EIDE cables (there's more wires on EIDE).

If this isn't your issue, when it does it again, page through your VTs (CTRL + ALT + F1 through F6) and see if there are any useful messages.

The admin user's username is root and will have whatever password you assigned during installation. Also, I would guess that if you type "startx" you'll be presented with the gnome desktop in your FC4 installation. If you are, you can set X to start up manually by opening /etc/inittab and changing

If this is the case, you can always perform a yum upgrade, just be prepared to spend some time doing it.

If you're migrating from Windows XP, you might want the 32-bit version anyway. You'll have issues with Flash and Java in the 64 bit version. However, you should make sure you're using the right cable on the CD drive regardless of which distro - including Windows - you're using.

20th August 2006, 11:10 AM
Did you leave an empty section of the 80 gb hard drive for linux to install to?

Personal Experience is I use a second dedicated drive for linux and keep windows by itself...

And lastly, did you let the "media" run the self check to verify it made a good copy?

24th August 2006, 08:08 PM
I have tested the media thoroughly and I have left a dedicated freespace for the linux to indtal. But I beleive this problem is more of relate to the FC5 or something similar since with FC4 I could atleat install a somewhat basic version of Linux..even though its not usable since the password used during install does not work:(.
There doesn't to be any problem with the CD rom or the cables since they work perfectly under Win XP.
Should I go ahead and get a new graphic card since this card seems to be cause of the problem even though I wonder that should not be problem during text install.
Any suggestion would be appreciated since I would really likme to come out of Windows and its monopoly..

25th August 2006, 07:32 PM
major - i'm running in to the same problem with FC5.

I just got a new Dell desktop and the FC5 installation constantly fell on it's face loading disk 1.
The error I got was that it was trying to unmount the CD. I made new master CDs and got the same error.

I tried installing RH to see what would happen; 1rst error was that the graphics card installed was causing a conflict. I removed the card from the pci slot and used the integrated VGA. After that RH installed without a problem. Then I thought that FC5 was running in to issues with the graphics card and simply not reporting the error. When I tried installing FC5 again (using the integrated graphics) I still ran in to the same issue.

Now I am installing FC4 withouth any problems.

P.S. this was the FC5 i386 version.

2nd September 2006, 07:14 AM
IM new here and newbie on fedora, having a problem with FC5 x64, installed it on a AMD 64 bit. when cpuspped comeup it freezes, i booted again. this time loading the services one by one(without CPUspeed) and Fedora does load up ....but the mouse cursor is alone in a sea of a blue desktop with no icons.anu suggestion is greatly appreciated