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13th August 2006, 11:06 AM
Hi All,

I have a system with two hard drives, one for the OS (FC5) and one for data, I have a tape drive for backup and all works fine.

If my data disk fails I can restore from tape in a few hours and be back to where I was. BUT, If my OS disk fails, itís going to take an age to re-build.

So what I want to do is install a cut-down (??maybe command-line only??) installation of FC5 on my data disk. Then, in the event of my system disk failing I can boot to the data disk and restore the OS disk from tape.

So before I trash my nice working system, the questions are:-
1. How would GRUB handle this??
2. I suppose I need to install a complete install on the data disk, complete with itís own boot-loader and swap partition.
3. Which disk would load first, and would there be any conflict with GRUB on second disk?

OK, so I know Iím just being paranoid, but Iíve just got my system disk working the way I want and Iíd hate to have to re-build from scratch (yet again!)

Thanks in advance

13th August 2006, 07:46 PM
Easier to d/l and learn to use Knoppix. It's a live cd that is VERY useful for disaster recovery.
Easier still to learn how to use the 'rescue' function of the FC install media.
But, if you really want to do this
1) install qtparted or gparted ,either is graphical
2) use one of the above to resize the partition on disk 2, at the beginning of the disk.
3) install FC on the newly opened space
4) install grub to hdb, preferably during the FC install <---- this is useful ONLY if you can boot from the 2nd drive. If not , then you will have to copy the grub.conf file to hard copy, and keep it around for emergencies.
Lots of work for an extremely stable system. If you lose that drive, it will most likely be a hardware prob, or way too much tinkering. (like I do...lol)

14th August 2006, 06:05 PM
Thanks Bill,

I'll look at Rescue CD as the first option, then Knoppix and if all else fails I'll look back over your notes and try for the tape.