View Full Version : Desktop bar and screen resolution maddness

6th August 2006, 02:26 AM
Hi again :-),
This is weird, I was having a wee fiddle with my screen resolution settings because ,while I have a monitor with 1024 x 768 Fedora does not list a driver for it.
So I entered one that it does have with identical specs,
Two things happened , neither of them good...

1/ I am still only offered 800x600 or 640x480 when I try to change resolutions and ,much more annoying...

2/ My "Windows bar" (the one down the bottom where you switch windows , tasks etc.) has moved about 1/4 way up the screen and now cuts right across the middle of things.I have pushed ,shoved and pleaded with the thing using preferences, move etc but it just wont get back where it belongs !

I started off , fiddling with the screen in the hope of getting some panels (like yumx) which start way to big ,down to a size where I could see all of the panel on the screen at once .Wish I'd left it alone.

This bar problem doesn't happen if I boot to root btw. so can anyone tell me where to set its controls ?

This is a desktop settup FC5 with a LG Studioworks 560n monitor , I swapped the settings for a LG Studioworks 550m.

The xorg.conf reads just the same in root as in user (as you'd expect) and the problem doesn't happen in root so ...I dunno

Gaspode :-)