View Full Version : one cd installation for fedora core 2

2nd August 2006, 01:08 PM
hello ,

I am new to linux , i am trying to create customise one installation cd for fedora core 2 .
I was using article "Hacking redhat kickstart" by brett schwarz " unfortunately it is fro RH-8.
After making certain changes i could make my cd bootable . The rpm packages used by me r of minimal installation. The problem i am facing is that , my cd boots, loads kernel , on graphical screen , it ask's for
language and keyboard parameters . But , when it ask's for install media which i choose local cd-rom
Process gives me the error "The fedora core CD was not found in any of your CDROM drives .Please insert the Fedora Core Cd and press OK to retry".
ctl+alt+f3 : - srating to STEP_URL
trying to mount CD device hdc .
So, any solution ,guess please help me out .
I have copied .discinfo in to iso .
I am using IDE drive .