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29th July 2006, 08:48 PM
Your system specification
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An overall description of the program and it's purpose.
Last.FM client 1.0.0b (LINUX)

Site description :
Download Last.fm for your computer and scrobble your tracks in style! View and edit tags, send recommendations to your friends. Create your own Last.fm stations and tune into personalised radio: no naff DJs, no pesky adverts, just music you love.

Scrobbling, you say?
It's elementary! Once you've signed up and downloaded Last.fm, just listen to music through your computer's music player – as you do every day. The name of each song you play will be automatically sent to our servers and saved in your musical profile. We call this “scrobbling,” and it's the basis of everything we do at Last.fm, from personalised recommendations to radio, music charts to musical neighbours, and much more.
Over ten million times a day, Last.fm users fuel the social music revolution by scrobbling their tracks. Ready to share your musical insights with friends, family, and the world? It's free, easy, and a lot of fun: go ahead and scrobble!

Try to point out any potential gotchas or helpful hints on installation and use you may have found if at all possible.
First signup at www.last.fm – then download the client – and login with the client – music you play thru say. Xmms will be tracked and sent to this website.

A link to some screenshots of the program running under Fedora
Check images inside msg.
Assessment on the installation out of 5
Simple to install, unpack to defualt dir in home dir, or whatever and run the binary - 4 of 5

Assessment of the ease of use out of 5
it simply asks for a userid, allows for multiple users on one desktop – Not linux secure but works. 4 of 5

Assessment of the features out of 5
it has a built in music network, which means you don't need any mp3s to listen to your genre of music – just click on it and go. Shows album info and everything. Kinda nice really . But otherwise. It's just a fancy player with a web interface – 3 of 5

Assessment on the quality of the program out of 5
The authors made this for linux, as a port from windows, it has bugs, and doesnt exactly explain a lot about the features.. it could be better . 3 of 5.

An overall assessment out of 10 (All 4 marks added up, and divided by 2)
I don't do math, but I give this a 6 out of 10 marks – but it's worth a try.

6th August 2006, 04:08 PM
I got this yesterday. FC5 works fine, just unpacked it run the binary ./lastfm

I think I might get used to this.