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cabeza de huevo
28th July 2006, 11:51 PM

I am currently using Akregator for all my RSS needs. I have a question however. I have a lot of news feeds and I have a lot of articles (about 100/day) from each feed that I would like to keep (and save I mean for the future). Is there anyway to save the articles themselves onto the computer along with the feeds (which I know can be saved as xml or opml) so that if I change programs or I burn them onto a cd I could get them back? If so, how? If not with Akregator, can any linux program do this for me? ? Thank you!

29th July 2006, 09:59 PM
Unfortunately that's not possible right now with Akregator. Using 3.4.x, you can access the feed archives in ~/.kde/share/apps/akregator/Archive/*xml, it's stored as RSS.
In 3.5, we switched to a binary format, so this isn't possible any longer.

I hope we get it managed to improve the situation for KDE4 though. Access/export to the feed list and article archive from outside of akregator is top priority for KDE4.

The feed list can be exported via the file menu, or directly accessed at ~/.kde/share/apps/akregator/data/feeds.opml.