View Full Version : knoppix + fdisk.

21st July 2006, 07:05 PM
for action that need no listing here, a huge fdisk error was made.

i am currently in knoppix (i was repartitioning for a fresh install and moving files around between old partitions) and my entire partition table was just wiped in fdisk.

it currently says there are no partitions on my hda, but i can mount all the partitions that i just removed from the partition tables. it says it will continue to use the old info until restart.

basically i want to get the files from one of the old partitions and put them somewhere safe. i have no external drives or spare ones to put stuff on, so i'm thinking i should make a new partition and put them on there. problem is i can't figure out how to make that happen without restarting and destroying the data anyhow.

at any rate i'm stuck on ways to save this data before restart=dsestruction