View Full Version : System hangs before and after login screen (hostname related)

20th July 2006, 09:33 AM
Hello fellow Fedora users,

3 days ago I decided to change my hostname... the @localhost wasn't very helpful when connected to another computer via ssh that had the same default hostname.

So I opened the network config tool, clicked on the "DNS" tab and changed my hostname to "wicked64.wickedwifi". I also went to the hosts tab and removed an entry from it (it's now empty but the hosts file still has the necessary entry)

The problem is, since then, my computer hangs just before showing the login screen... it stays stuck with the nvidia logo for about 30 seconds, then the login screen appears, then it hangs after I submit my password, for about 30 more seconds.... then the splash screen appears but again my computer hangs for about 30 seconds...

After that, everything wors perfectly fine.

At first it got stuck on NFS statd during boot, but now that I've disabled many services it doesn't hang until just before showing the login screen.

I know that it is related to the new hostname, but that's all google could do for me.

If anyone knows what's wrong and how to fix it I'd be very thankful.

Thanks in advance

20th July 2006, 01:02 PM
Your /etc/hosts file needs to have both the new name and the old one in the host file as some programs internally refer to it still.

Mine statement looks like this as my box is called "jeffserver" jeffserver.localdomain jeffserver localhost.localdomain localhost

Change the "jeffserver" parts to you host name and that should solve the problem. In none of my boxes have I changed the portion after the period so that may be an issue also. But my box is now known as "jeffserver" although I use a netbios name in Samba so on the network for file sharing, it appears by the netbios name.


20th July 2006, 04:27 PM
In none of my boxes have I changed the portion after the period so that may be an issue also.

That was, indeed, the problem !

I replaced wicked64.wickedwifi by wicked64.localdomain and everything works perfectly again.

Thank you very very much for your help ! :)