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19th July 2006, 06:47 AM
Ok i'm using Fedora Core 5, with the gnome desktop and I installed the nvidia drivers NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8762-pkg1.run and they installed fine but when i switched back to init 5 to test them x-windows crashed and it had to do a fresh config file of it, now when i log on it takes forever and the progarm windows and bars and menus don't load so i have to Min, Max or close icons on anything nor can i move the windows around on the screen or click other windows to bring them to the top.

19th July 2006, 12:48 PM
did you edit your xorg.conf as recommended in the docs?

Recently (since FC4 or so) I've been using the Livna repo to have yum install my nVIDIA drivers as described here.


I'm lazy and this is a lot easier, though I had used the nVIDIA drivers successfully for years.


19th July 2006, 04:09 PM
Yes I did edit the file but there seems to be a problem when it modifys the new kernel that causes progarms to not load like windows manager and bars and menus and others. the nVidia drivers for the last couple releases have had a built in progarm at the end to auto mod your x11 config. I switched back to FC4 to check to see if it was the drivers themselfs and it's not. so it appears to have compat. problems with FC5

19th July 2006, 04:15 PM
Wow... bummer. Is there a reason that you've decided not to use the Livna .rpm? I held out for a long time and continued to use the nVIDIA driver, but now that I've switched, it seems to be easier and it's been very reliable.

Also, I found this discussion:


maybe that will help?

19th July 2006, 04:22 PM
no real reason, i've been using linux off and on for about 2 years now and I get bored with it after awhile then i get bored with windows and come back and keep switching, so my linux user level is still beginner I pretty much know how to type su -c 'yum update' and install nVidia drivers by hand, took me forever to get mplayer to work, I like linux better but i keep switching cause lack of games, most the linux games i've seen are remakes of old atari games or ports of old dos games with the expetion of Doom 3 which I think looks better and plays faster on linux cause it doesn't have all the bs progarms running or the Software or 3dfx, or direct3d it's just opengl

19th July 2006, 04:30 PM
This site is maintained by a member of this list and is an excellent resource for installing and configuring Fedora Core releases. Even though I've been using Linux at home and at work for years now, I still use his guides because they're so well organized and simple to use.


There probably aren't many configuration/installation issues you're looking for that aren't covered here.

About bouncing between Windows and Linux... I haven't used any version of Windows newer than Win98, and haven't used that in a long time, but it would be nice to have more Linux games available. I used to like the RTS games like Command and Conquer and Red Alert and Warcraft 2 and etc. and missed them when I first switched to Linux. But I got over that and have saved a heck of a lot of time and money by not buying and playnig games. And I never missed the instability and lack of security of Windows.

19th July 2006, 04:36 PM
i never really had any major instability problems with windows cep when my cpu over heats from be playing games for so long and my mobo auto shuts down, as for secuity i dont keep or put any "good info" on my pc like credit cards or phone numbers or SSI or anything so unless everyone is stealing my save game files it's no big deal, if someone could convince them to put a Everquest or Everquest 2 beta test on linux the servers would crash from all the people on it and if they didnt charge 50 bucks for the cds, just the amount to play the game online there would be 1 million new linux users in a month then suddenly everyone would start putting games on it, cause with how stable and fast linux runs compared to windows it would be killer for mmos